“June’s love for the practice and sharing of astrology shines”

“June’s interpretation of the planets’ relations to us, and each other is complex, story-like, innately emotional, and backed by her strong knowledge of astronomy and chart reading. In her readings and radio show her words are thoughtful and sincere, while still at times lighthearted and humorous. When I met June in a class I was excited to hear she was an astrologer, as I’d been curious about having a chart reading for some time, but wasn’t sure how to find the right person to do so. I asked her to do a reading for me in regards to and adventure I was preparing to embark on. At the time it was reassuring and reiterated what I was already feeling. On my trip, especially in the beginning, it was comforting and served as an emotional guide in hard times. In hindsight it is a foretelling revealed. June’s love for the practice and sharing of astrology shines.”

-Kaylie Dennehy