Celestial Weather


Celestial Weather is an astrological forecasting show that I air weekly on Hollow Earth Radio.

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Latest Show:

February 19th 2018: Pisces Stellium: Venus Neptune Mercury, supported by the Moon; Mars in Sagittarius; Jupiter in Scorpio





The focus of the show is to discuss the current astrological influences and how we as humans can learn, grow and align with these influences in good ways. We talk about potential difficulties and opportunities for growth provided by the planets, along with self-care strategies for coping with the astrological weather. I acknowledge that life is not often easy, and there are some situations that astrology cannot aid. However, I hope the show is an inspiration to all who listen. I certainly find joy in creating it every week. 


Past Shows:

February 12 2018: Aquarius Solar Eclipse



February 5th 2018: In Between Eclipses; Moon Jupiter in Scorpio



January 30th 2018: Lunar Eclipse in Leo



January 22nd 2018: Mercury/Pluto conjunction, Mars enters Sagittarius, Eclipse Season 



January 15th 2018: Capricorn New Moon with Venus, Aquarius season begins



Jan 8 2018 – Venus Cazimi, Mercury leaves shadow/enters Capricorn, Preponderance of  planets in Scorpio and Capricorn.



Jan 2 2018 – Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus Cazimi in Capricorn



Dec 12 2017 – Saturn in Capricorn