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The focus of the show is to discuss the current astrological influences and how we as humans can learn, grow and align with these influences in good ways. We talk about potential difficulties and opportunities for growth provided by the planets, along with self-care strategies for coping with the astrological weather. I acknowledge that life is not often easy, and there are some situations that astrology cannot aid. However, I hope the show is an inspiration to all who listen. I certainly find joy in creating it every week.


Latest Show:

April 23rd 2018: Mercury square Saturn; Mars conjoined Pluto. This week is a continuation of the energy of the past few weeks. We talk about work, ethical work, rest and contemplation. We talk about Mercury’s aspects over the next few weeks, and the importance of voicing the shadow, difficult conversations and self expression. We talk about journeying to the underworld, the shadow of competition and passion, reclaiming courage. There is so much focused around the integrity of thought and work; the courage to show up to the things that really matter. We must also honor silence and incubation when the work does not flow freely. Around the end of the show, we talk about how to befriend the malefics, Saturn and Mars. The Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday April 29th will largely be keyed into the Mars/Pluto conjunction and Saturn, so much of the discussion about working with the malefics will be applicable to the Full Moon.



Past Shows:

April 17th 2018: Venus Moon conjunction on April 17th, look to the western sky after sunset; Mercury stations direct and squares Saturn; Chiron enters Aries; Mars conjoined Pluto. This week is very much centered around work and labor; there may be difficulties and blocks to projects, but there is a lot to be learned around proper process. We are pulled to access a deeper source of power and learn about our secret motivations for doing things. Power and fear are major themes this week as we explore our work, work ethics and ability to manifest in the real world.


April 9th 2018: Venus in Taurus; Mercury retrograde and stationing direct; New Moon with Uranus/Pluto/Mars. This week is calling us to continue to plan and re-evaluate our work in this world, along with our relationship to power. The New Moon on April 16th is quite powerful and calls us to dig into our own power, dig into the power structures of our lives and liberate ourselves from the fear and doubt that keep us from our true work in the world.


April 3 2018: Mercury Retrograde; Mars/Saturn conjunction; Venus lending a helping hand. Some thoughts on work and re-evaluating the nature of our work, connecting with deeper faculties of the mind to process and orient ourselves to the nature of our work. Under the weight of the pressure to create, we also visit the processes of decay and release. After this period of evaluation of the creative processes, rest and rejuvenation of the mind, we will be in a better position to get into the labor and work of the material realm.


March 27 2018: Venus/Uranus; Mars/Saturn; Full Moon in Libra; Mercury in the Heart of the Sun. There is a lot of work to be done currently, we are talking about responsibility in work, how to cope with feeling overloaded, aligning with personal authority and returning to the ancestors. This is a powerful time to purify the mind, and renew. A powerful time to change patterns and break into something new.


March 20 2018: Equinox; Aries Ingress; Mars in Capricorn; Mercury Retrograde. There is a lot of work to be done; we’re talking about the deep systemic changes we will be able to make in our lives over the next few years; and advice for this very challenging Mercury retrograde.



March 12 2018: Pisces New Moon, Mars moves into Capricorn. The first half of the show is about the watery energy of the Pisces New Moon, the story of Chiron, and healing, restoration, and cleansing. The second part is about the forceful dedication that the second half of March will require of us.



March 6th 2018: Jupiter Stations Retrograde in Scorpio; drawing power from the abyss, ruthless honesty, directing the passions.



February 26th 2018: Virgo Full Moon; Venus Mercury in Pisces; Sun Neptune in Pisces. Compassion, Illusion, and Channeling Spirit.



February 19th 2018: Pisces Stellium: Venus Neptune Mercury, supported by the Moon; Mars in Sagittarius; Jupiter in Scorpio



February 12 2018: Aquarius Solar Eclipse



February 5th 2018: In Between Eclipses; Moon Jupiter in Scorpio



January 30th 2018: Lunar Eclipse in Leo



January 22nd 2018: Mercury/Pluto conjunction, Mars enters Sagittarius, Eclipse Season 



January 15th 2018: Capricorn New Moon with Venus, Aquarius season begins



Jan 8 2018 – Venus Cazimi, Mercury leaves shadow/enters Capricorn, Preponderance of  planets in Scorpio and Capricorn.



Jan 2 2018 – Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus Cazimi in Capricorn



Dec 12 2017 – Saturn in Capricorn