Astrology and Healing Sessions


I offer astrology readings, healing spirit sessions, divination sessions, and mentorship sessions.


Astrology Readings:

90 min. Sliding scale $80-$160.

A full-length astrology reading is the best choice when you are at a crossroads and asking the big questions of life. Questions like what is my purpose on this Earth or which direction should I turn?  It’s true that while only your true self knows what your soul’s purpose is, the celestial bodies you were born under are guides in its discovery.  Astrology can wake us up to our fate, and help us recognize the unfolding of fate in our own hearts and lives. There is a sacred intertwining of the material and spiritual: even the most mundane of events, has a spiritual counterpart. Astrology is the sacred science that studies this intertwining, and this intertwining is fate.  It is not that fate is pre-determined entirely by our birth charts, but rather that the birth chart reflects the fate that we are guided to fulfill by own guardian spirit or daimon. In this way we can learn of our fate through sacred internal dialogue with our guardian spirit, and astrology is the map that makes that conversation possible. Spirit holds a key to our own awareness, fated events happen to us, and astrology is the mediator between the two.

My job as an astrologer is to be your guide to the heavens; to offer inspiration and threads of truth that connect you with spirit; that you weave together into a fate that blossoms in your own life. This is a highly intellectual and emotional experience. We can talk about anything you would like to know about yourself or your life. This process often involves connecting with greater mythological threads to find our lives connected with older stories. It often involves taking a view from outside ourselves to find meaning behind important events or periods of time. And it most certainly involves finding our gifts as people; finding our inspiration and breath; that which draws us closer to happiness and purpose!

Available online or in-person. E-mail me to schedule. These sessions involve at least 1 hour of prep time for me with your chart. They are recorded for your keeping.


Healing Spirit Sessions:

The suggested donation is a generous sum that reflects what you wish to receive from Spirit

please allow up to two hours for the session

Healing Craft sessions are focused around working with spirit; we open with prayer and call in sacred, compassionate spirit that is for the truest good. These sessions can clear the energy body, and restore bodily connection with spirit; they call us home to ourselves.  Spirit can hold us through grief, and bring us insight into new beginnings. We start with prayer and sing to the spirits, often there is the laying on of hands and the anointing of sacred oils, along with guided meditation. Often I will reach out to your ancestral spirits, and ask for guidance from them. The spirits I work with are my ancestral spirits, the gods my ancestors worshipped, and some of the spirits who lived alongside the development of western astrology in Greece. These sessions may also include divination along with oracular mediumship which is the speaking of words that are received from spirit. You can expect the burning of herbs, the sound of a rattle, the fanning of a wing and the singing of song.

Available in-person. E-mail me to schedule. We can schedule a short call to see if we would be a good fit working together beforehand.

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 Astrology and Healing Craft Sessions

90 min. $80-$160

These sessions are half astrology and half healing spirit sessions. They are designed to offer a welcoming introduction to your natal astrology and what transits might be bringing up for you at the time of the session. Then we will turn to what healing work might accompany these transits. As always we listen for spirit to guide the healing, but it is informed by the knowledge of astrology. We may even start with the healing first if that feels right and then end with a warm conversation about the heavens.

Available in-person. E-mail me to schedule. I will spend at least 45 min prep time with your chart before the reading. Astrology will be recorded for your keeping.

Divination Sessions

15 min $20, 30 min $40, 45 min $60

These sessions involve the channeling of spirit to provide answers to your questions. We may use tarot, runes, astrology and oracular divination to seek guidance from spirit. Oracular divination is the speaking of words that are received from spirit. We only seek answers from spirit that is aligned with the truest good, in service to your truest good as an individual.

Available in-person at Psychic Sister in Olympia, WA. 109 5th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501

Link to schedule:

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Mentorship Sessions:

60 min. $40-$120 sliding scale

Mentoring is for those who are called to work with me for at least a few months. The goal of the mentorship is to provide guidance and support as you grow into your true self and connect with your inner teachers.  These sessions can be a combination of astrology and healing work. I also offer astrology lessons with the possibility of a longer term apprenticeship.

Available over skype/zoom or in-person.


You may sign up for an astrology reading or healing session on the contact page or e-mail me directly at 

All of these services are on a sliding scale, you pay where you feel comfortable on the sliding scale provided. Please send your payments through PayPal to

I look forward to any work we will do together



“There may be a pause, a moment with June in which she pauses, and quietly intuits. Her readings are a delicate balance of listening and freely explaining planetary influences in our lives. She is generous with her expertise, helping you to understand not only what transits may be in place but how they effect everything else in your natal chart.

June’s readings examine transits in the present, reverberations from the past, and the shifts that await us. She provides a holistic understanding of our astrological selves and connections to the spirit world.

I’ve followed June’s work for quite sometime, admiring her bravery and conviction to answer what seems to be a calling from greater forces. I encourage any curious seeker to request a reading from her.”


“June’s interpretation of the planets’ relations to us, and each other is complex, story-like, innately emotional, and backed by her strong knowledge of astronomy and chart reading. In her readings and radio show her words are thoughtful and sincere, while still at times lighthearted and humorous. When I met June in a class I was excited to hear she was an astrologer, as I’d been curious about having a chart reading for some time, but wasn’t sure how to find the right person to do so. I asked her to do a reading for me in regards to and adventure I was preparing to embark on. At the time it was reassuring and reiterated what I was already feeling. On my trip, especially in the beginning, it was comforting and served as an emotional guide in hard times. In hindsight it is a foretelling revealed. June’s love for the practice and sharing of astrology shines.”

-Kaylie Dennehy


“June Trimbach is a talented and knowledgeable astrologer and healer.  I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance in the big art house that I lived in from 2013-2016, a house of 30 creative people which at times was overrun with intense masculine energy.  June moved in to our home and collective studio space towards the end of 2015, and her move-in coincided with what I believe was a deep spiritual cleansing for our community.  Her open heart and mind and generous loving demeanor were a breath of fresh air in a time of heavy city darkness for me.

When I decided to make the move from dark Seattle to sunny Raleigh, I asked June to do my birth chart for me.  She was professional and personal, a rare combination to be sure.  I was impressed at how thorough her approach was in doing my chart: not only did she explain to me the angles, correspondences, houses and planetary bodies in a concise and easy to digest fashion, she used computer technology to go backwards and forwards in time, informing me of astronomical occurrences that coincided with major parts of my life.  I felt safe, respected, comforted and above all, educated.   To top it off, June made a recording of our session and let me part with it.  I am lucky that I can listen to that recording whenever I need a helpful reminder of where I have been and where I am going.  I encourage anyone to commission her for astrological readings, not only because she is good at it, but because the endeavor will serve as a means of grounding and healing to the parties involved.”

-Kate Bopp Artist at Liminal Gallery/Musician/Singer/DJ/Qi Gong Adept


“I’m hesitant to commit to any “system” of belief, including astrology, but June reads our soul through story.  She knows the intricate web of myth and legend that weave together our cosmos.  Through this understanding, she helped me find my place among the stars and see the path ahead, mapping out the traps and treasures that lie within me.  As I left my reading I felt certain that while I don’t know exactly where my path leads, I am not traveling alone. ”

-Hanako O’Leary


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Love, June Rose