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Rising Cedar Star Council

May 2nd 2019

7pm to 8:30 pm

203 East 4th Ave, Suite 401 Olympia, WA

May Star Council JPG

Join Gray Crawford and I for a monthly talk on the current  astrological transits happening the first Thursday of the month in Olympia, WA. The space is on the 4th floor of the security building and is accessible via elevator. There are limited chairs, but lots of comfy floor space. The beginning of the month sees some difficult yet transformative transits as Mercury and Venus square Pluto. There is a New Moon in Taurus on May 4th which is quite fertile and creative. Venus will enter her home sign of Taurus mid month bringing the senses of the physical world into focus, highlighting creativity and pleasure. Uranus in Taurus will make this Taurus season more exciting, creative and change oriented! 


Events and Classes of the past:


Daimon: Guiding Star of Soul


September 14 & 15, 2018
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Gray Crawford and I are excited to present a lecture and experiential workshop on the daimon in astrology for the NCGR chapter in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visit the website for tickets:

In this two-day workshop we will be learning about the ancient spiritual concept of the guardian daimon, also known as the guardian angel or guiding star. The guardian daimon watches over a life and guides us to fulfill our life purpose. In the Friday night lecture we will learn about the rich background of the daimon from antiquity to modern times, and consider why it is meaningful in astrology.
The Saturday workshop will begin with an in-depth look at some of our favorite techniques for exploring the daimon in a natal chart, drawing upon an ancient lineage of astrological thought. We will also discuss how you can encounter the guardian daimon directly through theurgy, which can be translated as ‘gods working through you’. We will open ourselves to the experience of theurgy through a ceremony of guided visualization with intention to commune with one’s daimon. There will be plenty of time to share, reflect and explore these ideas within your own chart. Please bring a copy of your natal chart, a notebook, non-messy art supplies. It is also optional to bring bio-degradable offerings for the spirits (flowers, grains, stones, natural beads, simple food without strong odor, etc).

Gray Crawford’s website:

daimon workshop

Seattle Seidr Community High Seat (Occurred)Seattle Seidr

September 23rd 2018

1 pm – 4 pm

Cunning Crow Apothecary, 9020 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA

Bring your questions, intentions for your life, requests for blessing and healing, to the most compassionate allies of this Nordic tradition.

As we gather around the High Seat we give gratitude for the turning of the year and the coming of Autumn. We honor spirit by seeking guidance, inspiration and healing. During the High Seat Ceremony, the wisdom and healing of compassionate spirit is sought by the volvas, who serve the community as oracles. You may bring a question, ask for a blessing, or intend to find healing through this oracle. Everyone is welcome. Bring your intention from the heart so that you are asking from a true place. We will also gather for a Healing High Seat where the volva will serve as a healing medium from compassionate spirit.

The Autumn Equinox welcomes the balance of day and night; a sacred point in the Sun’s cycle of the year with the Earth. The Sun Goddess was sacred to the ancestors of Northern Europe, where the practice of the High Seat or seidr began. Her iconography of spiraling circles was carved in stone across Europe and megaliths were erected aligned with her movements. We find remnants of the Sun Goddess in the volva herself, the flame of Freyia’s magic, and in the golden mead of initiation. Through this practice of seidr, we may remember this ancient and familiar wisdom.

“On her long search, which is happening at all times, within all human beings, and within all societies, the fate-soul produces the very red gold that is so cherished by the gods; the ‘gold’ of Divine Knowledge, the ‘gold’ that will lead to wisdom, eloquence, healing, transformation, and ultimately to immortality or eternal resurrection… it is the very yearning of the fate soul – her tears – that produces the knowledge.”
– Maria Kvilhaug, The Seed of Yggdrasill

Information regarding High Seat Requests:

In addition to asking a question of the High Seat you are welcome to ask for blessings or help in a specific area of your life. You can also come in pairs for partnership blessings. One role of a community ceremony is to provide support to members of the community, so feel free to bring to the High Seat aspects of your life that are challenging and relationships that could use healing support. You may also approach the Oracular High Seat with a healing intention.

As the time practitioners can sit on the High Seat is limited, please bring questions that are from the heart and deeply relevant to your life at this time. We recommend the practice of thinking of a question and then “going deeper” three times to get to the core/root of the issue, then ask the question that is from the root. You can also simply ask for help in a particular area of your life, or ask for a blessing. The Healing High Seat is a straight-forward transmission of healing energy and does not require any advance preparation, though you may have an intention. It is customary to dress up for High Seat Ceremonies, either by wearing “ceremonial clothing” or just looking nice. Wear what feels good to you.

Self-Care for High Seats:

– In the interest of maximizing our energetic potential, on High Seat days, and for ceremonies in general, consider eating high-energy nutritious foods, make sure you have electrolyte supplementation, and ideally be reasonably to well-rested. These are suggestions, not requirements.
– Self-care after ceremony: Sometimes it can be helpful to replenish electrolytes, take salt baths, and get some rest after ceremony, especially if you have participated in any of the support roles or were a seeker.
– You may bring items to be “charged” under the High Seat. Please remember to retrieve them when the High Seat is finished.

$10-30 suggested donation but not necessary to attend. No pre-registration; drop-ins welcome.


5th Annual Queer Astrology Conference 2018 (Occurred)


I will be speaking at the Queer Astrology Conference in Portland, OR. Join me and other great speakers Feb 16-19th to celebrate astrology in all its forms!

To register and for a full description of the event, visit:

I will be speaking about intuition and its role in counseling clients. Lecture description:

The development and sanctification of the personal intuition is an invaluable tool for astrologers and healers alike. The aim of this class is to provide ceremonial techniques that support our witch’s intuition before, during, and after giving astrological readings. This class will answer questions the practicing astrologer may have about their own intuition’s mystical and healing nature; questions like: where is this intuitive information coming from and do I trust it; how can spirit guides support astrological work; what is the best way for me to prepare for a reading; how can I promote healthy energy exchange with my clients? We will talk about our role as astrologers, the symbolism of Hecate as she relates to the soul guide, and the idea that true healing occurs in both the client and practitioner.

FOUNDATIONS OF ASTROLOGY (Occurred)foundationsofastrologyfinal

Gray Crawford and June Rose Trimbach are excited to announce an interactive webinar course uncovering the building blocks of the art of astrology. If you’re at the beginning stages of learning astrology or at a more advanced stage and looking to fill any gaps in your knowledge, this class will give you a firm understanding of the symmetry and power in the foundations. If you choose to participate, we will be looking at the natal charts of individuals in the class, so it’s also a great opportunity to deepen understanding of your own chart.

June Rose and Gray share a passion for traditional as well as modern astrological technique. The class will serve as a bridge between modern and traditional astrology and clarify misconceptions about each perspective. June Rose and Gray both come from astrological lineages that inquire about the soul and its relationship to the material world. When appropriate we may explore astrology as a spiritual discipline.

Weekly classes will be held on Sundays from January 21 through April 8, 2018 with no classes held the weekends of February 18 and March 25. Classes will begin at 1:00 pm (Pacific standard time) and last for two hours. Everyone will receive a recorded version of each class, so its not necessary to be present for the live classes though we encourage you to be present for as many of the classes as possible. We will be using Zoom meetings for the classes.

There will also be one additional question and answer session each week held over Zoom where we will discuss any questions or concerns. June Rose and Gray will also be available to answer questions over email. Each class will have written homework assignments to turn in, and participants will receive detailed feedback on each assignment.

The final class is an opportunity for students to share final presentations that integrate knowledge gained through the course.

Total cost for the course is $200 and can be paid through PayPal. Please email to register for the class and a payment request will be sent to you. Payment plans can be set up if necessary. You will receive links for the weekly classes and question and answer sessions that will take place through Zoom meetings.

Class #1 Sunday 21 January


  • Different worldviews and philosophical questions that are important for astrologers to consider

  • Ethics in consulting astrology charts

  • Why are you interested in astrology?

Class #2 Sunday 28 January


  • The meaning of the Sun and Moon; how they reflect soul
  • Moon phases
  • Introduction to Sect (Day vs. Night charts)

Class #3 Sunday 4 February


  • Significations and correspondences of each planet
  • How planets show up as characters in our personal and collective mythology
  • Nocturnal vs diurnal natures of planets

Class #4 Sunday 11 February


  • Use of tropical zodiac instead of sidereal zodiac
  • The signs as planetary homes
  • Elements, modalities, nocturnal/diurnal signs

Class #5 Sunday 25 February


  • How signs color the expression of a planet’s nature
  • Introduction to essential dignity
  • Workshop of charts of class participants demonstrating planetary expression through signs

Class #6 Sunday 4 March


  • Meaning of aspects, planets “seeing” one another
  • Whole sign vs. degree-based aspects
  • How the Thema Mundi reveals the meaning of aspects
  • Traditional aspects vs. modern aspects

Class #7 Sunday 11 March


  • The meaning of the twelve houses
  • Meaning of angular, succedent, and cadent houses
  • Impact of angularity on planetary expression
  • Joy of the planets in specific houses

Class #8 Sunday 18 March


  • How to interpret the rulers of the houses
  • How to prioritize rulers of the houses
  • How to synthesize meaning of relationship between rulers of the houses and the planets located within houses
  • Workshop to demonstrate interpretation in the natal charts of participants

Class #9 Sunday 1 April


  • Meaning of the lunar nodes and how to reconcile differences in meaning across astrological traditions
  • Lunar nodes as markers of eclipses
  • Interpreting the rulers of the lunar nodes
  • Significance of planets forming a square to the lunar nodes

Class #10 Sunday 8 April


  • Class participants can present a cumulative project to the group demonstrating knowledge.
  • Possible final presentations may utilize the following: (1) artistic interpretation; (2) creative writing; (3) chart delineation; (4) research integrating biographical information.



The Daimon: Guiding Spirit of the Nativity (occurred)

This workshop with be co-taught with Gray Crawford

Located at the Portland School of Astrology

 October 29th 2017 from 1 to 5 pm

3939 NE Hancock St #212, Portland, Ore.

In this class we will be working with the Greek idea of a Daimon, which was incorporated into Hellenistic astrology by Porphyry in the late 3rd Century. As Dorien Greenbaum wrote in her thesis The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology ; Origins and Influence: “[Daimon] has been variously translated as ‘Character is destiny’; ‘A man’s character is his fate’; ‘Man’s character is his daimon’; ‘A man’s individuality is his daimonand ‘A man’s character is the immortal and potentially divine part of him.” Using Dorien Greenbaum’s thesis, we will explore the Daimon as a philosophical and spiritual concept. Then we will learn Porphyry’s technique to locate the Daimon as a guiding planet in the natal chart of an individual. We will all be working intimately with our own charts to find who this planet is and get to know them better!

In a dialogue with Porphyry, Iamblichus stressed the importance a direct theurgic experience, which we will seek via meditation on the personal daimon. Through guided meditation, we will seek to meet this Soul-guide in our own inner realms of wisdom. Using the imagery or feelings we receive from this experience, in the time remaining we will create devotional art pieces to enhance our connection with our personal Daimons. While the technical astrology of the workshop is well-suited for intermediate and advanced students, novices and beginners will be helped along to locate their guardian planet and the rest of the class will be intuition. Please bring a copy of your natal chart and personal art supplies (some will be provided) to class.

You can register here.

the-guardian-angel William Russell FlintThe Guardian Angel by William Russell Flint

Magical Elixir Craft Series (2017)

This series will be taught by myself and Ren Carothers of Fox and Fern Healing Arts. We will be working with both the spiritual energy of plants and planets to create a blessed sympathetic elixir for healing. We will be using astrology to elect powerful times to craft healing herbal elixirs, and we will talk about some of the guidelines used in electing magical times to do spell-craft. We will work with compassionate energies of the planets to bless our herbal concoctions which are sympathetically linked with the planetary energies. They are sympathetically linked because the herbs used in the elixirs will be corresponded with the planets invoked. Plant spirit medicine is focused on the spiritual essence of plants. We will spend a bit of time learning about the plants involved and then we will ask the spirit of the plants to work with us. This class series is based in the realm of astral-theurgy (astrological god-working) and plant spirit medicine; it serves as an introduction to the material and a practical clinic.

Register by e-mailing

Class Fee: Sliding Scale $20-$40 per class

All classes will be held at the Cunning Crow Apothecary in Seattle, WA.

Address: 9020 Greenwood Ave. N Seattle, WA  (parking available).

Ren and me teaching together at the Cunning Crow.

Class dates:


Elixer for Deep Nourishment (occurred)

August 18th 2017 at 7 pm

In this class, we will be crafting an herbal elixir used for deep, emotional nourishment. The date of this class was elected by June to be a fertile time for deep, emotional nourishment. The astrology of Aug 18th sees the Moon in conjunction with Venus in Cancer – an emotionally nourishing aspect. It is a waning crescent Moon on this night which brings us in close contact with the dark mother, and this is strengthened by the presence of Pluto and Ceres (a dwarf planet). This dark richness of Soul can nourish our emotional waters and our bodily Souls.

Elixir of Reconciliation through Love (occurred) 

October 2nd at 7 pm

In this class we will be crafting an herbal elixir used for reconciliation through love. The lovers of the sky, Mars and Venus, will be uniting in a sign humility, patience and service. How can we come together with passion, love and these more subtle values? This love we speak of is not limited to romance, but represents all kinds of love. This is the kind of dreamy inclusivity that a Pisces Moon and Neptune dream up; and yes we are working with opening connection to the world around us.

Mercury Talisman Elixir: Cleansing of the Mind (occurred)

October 9th 2017 at 7 pm

In this class we will be crafting a Mercury incense for a deep cleansing of the mind. Mercury is a planet of communication, intellect, pathways, systems, roads, trading, the mind, alchemy and astrology. Mercury finds itself in the heart of the Sun during this class in the diplomatic sign of Libra; here we can find balance between night and day; conscious and unconscious. The tight square to the underworld planet Pluto brings us to the depths of our minds and offers a deep purging aspect. This incense will support us to cleanse our minds and find balance. The Moon supports from Gemini.

Elixir for Mystical Sight (occurred)

October 30th 2017 at 7 pm

Around the time of Samhain, the witches veil thins and the connection to the otherworld becomes imminent. In this class we will work the natural energy of Samhain to create an elixir for mystical sight in order to safely aid in our connection with the other realm and our ancestral spirits. This night sees the great sage Jupiter in the heart of the Sun, a time for mystical realignment and visioning. Mercury is also near by in deep Scorpio and the Moon supports from dreamy Pisces. We will be working with plant spirits that both enhance our psychic abilities but also provide protection and guidance when working with spirit.

Boundaries of Harmony Elixir (occurred)

November 6th 2017 at 7 pm

In this class we will be crafting an elixir used for compassionate, harmonious boundaries. Saturn and Venus figure prominently into this elixir. Venus provides the energy of harmony from her home sign of Libra; a sign of exchange and diplomacy. We will work with plants that support joy in interaction to soften harsh exchanges. We will work with the baneful plants to increase protection and boundaries under the watchful eye of Saturn. The intention for this elixir is to increase protection while allowing for harmonious exchanges. The concept of harmony is everything in its natural place, a general state of fluctuation for the highest good. This is to allow energy to come and go (protections included) into the personal sphere as it aligns with the individuals highest good.

Plant and Planet Medicine Series (2016-2017):

This series was taught by myself and Ren Carothers of Fox and Fern Healing Arts. It is designed to bring together plant spirit medicine and planetary magic. For thousands of years, there have been tables of correspondences made to link the celestial world with the earthly world. Of course, the Emerald Tablet spoke of “as above, so below; as below, so above,” and this means that out world is inextricably linked with the motions of the planets in the heavens. These planets have earthly things that are “like” them, and these correspondences include the realm of plants and herbalism. So plants have different functions in the body that correspond with the functions of the planets on the body; and in fact, when you use a Mars herb, you are invoking Mars’s effects on your body. So in this class series we will explore the psychic energy of each planet and explore the psychic energy of various plants associated with the planet. This class will sharpen your psychic abilities, and you will learn directly from these psychic abilities which brings a unique way to learn and facilitate personal healing.

All classes will be held at the Cunning Crow Apothecary in Greenwood, Seattle. Address: 9020 Greenwood Ave. N Seattle, WA  (parking available).

For more information please visit:

Here are the dates for the classes:

October 22 2016: Jupiter

November 20 2016: Venus

November 27 2016: Saturn

December 15 2016: Moon

December 29 2016: Mercury

January 5 2017: Pluto

January 16 2017: Mars

January 23 2017: Neptune

February 20 2017: Uranus

February 27 2017: Sun


We hope to see you there!

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