Hello, my name is June Rose Trimbach. I am an astrologer and a staff carrier in the old European traditions. My ancestors were healers, as all of ours were. And my spiritual lineage is that of astrology, and the philosophical and religious tradition that is its heartbeat. The sky holds sacred truths known to humans through the art of astrology and storytelling. From the heavens comes down to us an understanding of our place in the kosmos, the map of our individual fate,  mythic stories, and the light of the divine. From the ancestors of the earth comes the well of memory, ancestral stories and gifts, challenges and grief that live in the body, lineage, and ancestral counsel. These two seemingly separate things are deeply intertwined, for our ancestors came from the stars, and the stars live within our bodies, and our ancestors bodies. The celestial realm is a mirror to the earth, and the earth a mirror to the heavens. When we search deep within, we find the planetary archetypes that guide us from the celestial realm. When we stargaze at the heavens, we find our deep souls floating among the stars.  This can also be seen as the marriage of Heaven and Earth; the existence of the World Tree itself. Through astrology, I hope to bring you mythic inspiration and therefore remembrance of heart and soul. Through myth, we close our eyes and give gratitude for the boundless web of meaning that embraces our lives. And through astrology, the myth of our individual journey is given a voice.

In my work, I engage in prayer, divination, oracular mediumship, animistic healing, and astrology. The spirits I work with are my ancestors, the gods my ancestors worshiped, or the spirits and gods that lived alongside the development of western astrology.  The words that spirit speaks are healing, and I do my best to translate these words for my clients. The life force that is present when we are filled with spirit is healing, and I do my best to hold a sacred container to honor and hold this energy for my clients. When we are inspired, we are with Spirit. The word inspiration means breath, courage, soul; life itself. And when we are with spirit, we can see the purpose and power of our individual fate that calls us to experience life.

My astrological technique draws primarily from Hellenistic roots and the beautiful symbolism therein. I also draw from other forms of traditional astrology, but I am a modern astrologer and utilize the developments of  modern psychological astrology as well. I also practice ceremonial or magical astrology that is designed to honor the planetary and star spirits and bring their wisdom more fully into life. My first mentor in astrology was Joseph Crane, with whom I spent about three years, an eclectic but deeply philosophical traditional astrologer; he taught me about the soul in astrology from early on. I also studied magical astrology with Donna Woodwell at this time. I then completed a natal astrology certificate with Kepler College, a rigorous online school, which served to broaden my base of knowledge. I have had many teachers through being a member of WSAA. But my next major mentor was Joe Landwher, a modern, mythological, poetic astrologer who has worked extensively with the astrology of chakras, and with whom I have spent a year. I have to mention that my astrology has been extremely influenced by the work of Chris Brennan and Demetra George. I spent three years studying with Ylva Mara Radziszewski, in neo-animist healing traditions; she first introduced me to ancestor reverence, and really my own magic. My teacher in the Norse tradition of Seidr, in which I am a staff carrier, is Maris Orelia, with whom I have spent two years. I have had so many teachers along the way for whom I am deeply grateful, and I am sure there will be many more in this life.

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June Rose