My name is June Rose Trimbach; I am an astrologer and spirit worker living on occupied Nisqually lands in Olympia, WA.

You can contact me by filling out the form below or by e-mail at

Facebook: June Rose Astrology

If you would like to book an astrology reading or healing session, I would be delighted to meet you. If you are in the Olympia area, we can meet in person; otherwise we can arrange long distance communication (phone/skype/e-mail). Astrology sessions will be recorded for your keeping. If you would like to receive weekly e-mails from me with updates about classes and a link to download my astrological forecasting show Celestial Weather, please specify in your message. A donation is appreciated for this service but not necessary. All payments can be sent via paypal to

Any other inquiries are welcome as well. Just fill out the form below (birth data is only required if you are requesting a reading).

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