Love opens the present [moment].

Hello Beauties,

This is a very potent time right now, and its all surrounding this current Mutable Grand Cross. We’ve got strong seeker energy and strong love energy. I’ve been talking about 3 of the four points of the cross on my radio show for months now! (Tune in to at 9 am PST every Tuesday to listen). Lets do a full investigation now.

Technicalities: What is a Grand Cross? A grand cross is considered at least 4 celestial bodies all forming a giant square in the sky and the astrology chart. These 4 points occur in 90 degree intervals along the ecliptic or the zodiac. So if you’re looking at a circular chart, these four points fall 90 degrees away from each other, which makes a giant square or a grand cross. (90 x 4 = 360). It’s a geometrically potent pattern, but a grand cross also is strong because of modality. There are 3 modalities in the zodiac: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. There are 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. If you combine each modality with each element, you get the 12 signs of the zodiac. So the grand cross is incredibly potent because each of the 4 legs falls in the same modality, and every element is represented once. So we get the truest expression of the modality, because it is expressed through each element at the same time.

The essence of mutability is one of moving, seeking, fluctuation, the ebb and flow of the universe, the essential timelessness of an open heart.. especially now, but we’ll get to that. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Their traditional rulers are Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury and Jupiter are the scribe and the godhead, respectively. The alchemist and the saint. The writer and the believer. The two of these need each other; who will disseminate the knowledge of the mystic? And who will uplift the mind to the greatest knowledge…_? These archetypes pull us towards truth, finding truth, whether it be through knowledge or faith. When we add the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, we find the true ecstasy of soul encased in the realm of matter.

Let us meet the beings of this grand cross:

Jupiter in Virgo [mutable earth] with the North Node: Here Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign; or the saint in the sign of the scribe. Jupiter also is a highly adventurous sign, so there is an exploratory, mystical knowing of Jupiter. But what happens when that knowing must be grounded into earth and practical knowledge. We find in this the faith of the process. The faith in earthly work. Virgo is the eternal virgin, always waiting for true perfection to be birthed from them. (maybe one day, Mary). What I find Jupiter in Virgo to be about is faith in service, expansion of service through surrender to the daily motions of life. Trust in the process and the daily workings of mind. The north node reminds us to seek this process of work, devour this faith in small things, consume this trust in our present situations.

Saturn in Sagittarius [mutable fire]: Here the great solidification of wisdom lives through the sign of adventure. The quest for spirit and truth is hardened, is aged with time. The journeyman has grown old, and wise; but he is still traveling. He has not settled down in any old hut, he is enlivened with passion for life. The breath of spirit rolls from the great dragons tongue; and the ancient secret is whispered that none may hear. None but those who bear the same weight on their journey. None but those who hold their quest for fire deep within their hearts and let it burn all their days and nights as they wander the earth. When this blaze is tended with the care of elderly fingers, with wisdom from long ago, then the journey will illuminate in truth. The knowing is in the process, and the integrity is in the seeker.

Neptune in Pisces [mutable water] with the South Node: Here we are pulled back into a deep remembrance; a remembrance of source, soul, of the imaginal realms. A vast ocean opens up in your heart, and you are pulled out to sea, back to your soul’s homeland. What might this homeland look like? And can you feel how it is reflected, a million times, back and forth between mirrors of perception and into this present reality? The soul is in ecstasy; the soul is free. But maybe, there is something to release out to sea, as an offering to the goddess of this realm. Something that you have loved and cherished, something that is akin to your Soul, but something that is calling to be set free.

The above energy is being filled out momentarily by the Gemini Sun, Moon and Venus. We have the New Moon on Saturday May 4th 2016. Monday May 6th we have a cazimi Venus, which means Venus will receive the great wisdom of the solar source, at the peak of her underworld journey.

The last piece of this is the Gemini [mutable air]! A New Moon is a dark Moon, out of view from our earthly eyes. It is a portal unseen. A deeper portal, in the back of our minds. Along side this the spirit of Love, Venus, has been traveling deep into the underworld to her hidden roots. What is at the deepest core of love, our own love, our collective love. The sign Gemini speaks about dissemination of information; the spread of intellectual concepts; the understanding of duality and logic. But if we go deeper into the core of love within Gemini, we find the love of sharing, love of movement, the compassionate seeker. There is an opening here of possibility.

The other influences involved in the t-square are big influences concerned with faith and wisdom, merging and seeking truth, expansion and contraction; it all moves us to become bigger while reminding us where we are, so small in this world. We must remember the mutability. As Lynn Bell said at Norwac, we must remember why we wander โ€“ to see the world with different eyes. There is an opening to love. Yes, Gemini is such a youthful sign with much naรฏve ambivalence at times. But, we remember, Gemini’s esoteric ruler is Venus. Gemini’s ray is the ray of Love and Wisdom. This ray (Ray 2) is associated with the Sun and Jupiter; Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini. All of which are strong in this mutable grand cross. And so this weekend, an unseen portal is opened into love that can illuminate the road of wisdom.

I ask you to listen to your hearts, and be present to what they have to say. Because the Goddess will speak now, and this long road to truth may be opened in a new light.



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