Emergence from the Well

Hello seekers,

This blog was started under the dark beams of an exact new moon on May 6 2016. My name is June Rose Trimbach. I’m a seeker, myth-maker, astrologer, receiver of inspiration, and when at my best a conduit for love. So in an effort to introduce myself, here is my natal chart inside the chart of the New Moon under which this blog was founded.



So you will notice my chart ruler is Mercury and holds the energy of this blog. I tend to perceive a lot and hold it in, trying to integrate the important parts of everything I experience. There’s the opposition to a Neptune/Uranus conjunction which may explain my interest in channeling. I love psychic work, divination, shamanic journeying, all of these are incredibly nourishing for me and will have their place here. Mercury is also out of bounds, which I take to mean resisting mental limitation as much as possible. Mercury is in the face of the walled garden. The mind is in its own world and walled in a sacred garden. Let that be invoked here. There’s a practice that I do, where I map out my inner shamanic world on paper. Maybe I will share it with you one day. In any case, I pray that this web domain will act as a garden of mental nourishment, where compassionate wisdom can be drawn and incorporated.

As you can see this New Moon is sextile natal Mercury from the 9th house indicating that this will be a place for higher knowledge and the great spirit. There’s a grand earth trine with Jupiter and Pluto, indicating a place for growth and transformation. The Pluto/Mercury oppositions in water and earth signs, again echo the water of wisdom being pulled from the earth. My natal Saturn in Pisces is also contributing to this mystical walled place; I hope to explore the structure of the great labyrinth to bring back wisdom to this walled garden.

The name of this blog came to me in a vision. My own power being located at the bottom of an ivy covered well, guarded by a hooded figure. The wisdom of Saturn and the wisdom of the spiraling Ivy are welcomed here. Let the guardian rose spirit also hold this sacred space.

I pray that you drink and are nourished in good ways by what you find here.

June Rose

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