Grief of Venus

1427638_origAs I sit here on June 6th 2016, under the beams of a cazimi Venus, I cannot help but notice the grief within my heart. My teachers have taught me within the last week, that the heart, when resting, has a magnetic field of 3 feet. It’s something like 100 times that of the brain. What better time than a cazimi Venus than to listen the strength of the heart.

I can’t help but think of how strongly Venus has been cherished by the human race. Her star is the bright star. For those of you who don’t know what a cazimi Venus is, its when Venus makes a conjunction with the Sun, but it is only considered when at its tightest peak of conjunction. This happens as Venus is transitioning from being seen as morning star to evening star.

Morning star Venus is a warrior maiden, she is bold, self-serving, powerful and independent. There are many pitfalls here. For instance: believing independence to be stronger than partnership, being self-focused to a fault, etc. Of course there are strengths to a warrior Venus, but something happens to her when she conjuncts the Sun. She disappears from our view and enters the otherworld or the underworld. In facts shes been in the otherworld for a few weeks now, but today is the day that she finds what she came there for.

Why might a warrior maiden enter the underworld? Why might an independent, courageous, strong woman disappear from view and go into the spirit world. What will she find; what is she finding right now? It may be easier to answer this question if we look at what evening star Venus represents. She is generally seen as cooler in temperature, empathetic, and compassionate; she brings culture back to the world.

Venus is the Spirit of love. And I do believe that independence and self-reliance can come from a place of love. Morning star Venus is also a Venus that fights for what she believes. This hardness is beautiful. But still, there is something to be revealed about the nature of love. She stands on a threshold between the heat of passion and the coolness of compassion. What is there to be cherished in both? What of the warrior maiden can be left behind in the spirit world, and what is to be taken and incorporated into the cooler knowing that is the evening star.

I find within myself much grief on this day. She is in the underworld after all, and there is a part of her that will not return back to this world. If we are conscious about what we choose to leave here (what aspect of love that no longer serves us, or something that has hindered our expression of love), we can return fuller beings illumined with the light of the Sun. There may be a need to grieve this loss. Something may be illuminated now that you didn’t know was altering your experience of love. It may be a bit of a surprising reveal. But we can let go; and we can find nourishment.

I also notice that Pluto is in exact quincunx with this cazimi point; and I see the desire for power bound up with Pluto in Capricorn giving way to the power of Venus – connection through sharing. Perhaps if we accept Venus in Gemini’s teachings, that true communication happens through the heart, we will find that power after all. Perhaps within ourselves, perhaps within the experience of love itself. Quincunx teaches acceptance; Venus teaches acceptance, Steven Forrest teaches a connection between Venus and the quincunx aspect. Perhaps the warrior maiden is now seeing that true love is the only true power.



Love opens the present [moment].

Hello Beauties,

This is a very potent time right now, and its all surrounding this current Mutable Grand Cross. We’ve got strong seeker energy and strong love energy. I’ve been talking about 3 of the four points of the cross on my radio show for months now! (Tune in to at 9 am PST every Tuesday to listen). Lets do a full investigation now.

Technicalities: What is a Grand Cross? A grand cross is considered at least 4 celestial bodies all forming a giant square in the sky and the astrology chart. These 4 points occur in 90 degree intervals along the ecliptic or the zodiac. So if you’re looking at a circular chart, these four points fall 90 degrees away from each other, which makes a giant square or a grand cross. (90 x 4 = 360). It’s a geometrically potent pattern, but a grand cross also is strong because of modality. There are 3 modalities in the zodiac: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. There are 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. If you combine each modality with each element, you get the 12 signs of the zodiac. So the grand cross is incredibly potent because each of the 4 legs falls in the same modality, and every element is represented once. So we get the truest expression of the modality, because it is expressed through each element at the same time.

The essence of mutability is one of moving, seeking, fluctuation, the ebb and flow of the universe, the essential timelessness of an open heart.. especially now, but we’ll get to that. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Their traditional rulers are Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury and Jupiter are the scribe and the godhead, respectively. The alchemist and the saint. The writer and the believer. The two of these need each other; who will disseminate the knowledge of the mystic? And who will uplift the mind to the greatest knowledge…_? These archetypes pull us towards truth, finding truth, whether it be through knowledge or faith. When we add the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, we find the true ecstasy of soul encased in the realm of matter.

Let us meet the beings of this grand cross:

Jupiter in Virgo [mutable earth] with the North Node: Here Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign; or the saint in the sign of the scribe. Jupiter also is a highly adventurous sign, so there is an exploratory, mystical knowing of Jupiter. But what happens when that knowing must be grounded into earth and practical knowledge. We find in this the faith of the process. The faith in earthly work. Virgo is the eternal virgin, always waiting for true perfection to be birthed from them. (maybe one day, Mary). What I find Jupiter in Virgo to be about is faith in service, expansion of service through surrender to the daily motions of life. Trust in the process and the daily workings of mind. The north node reminds us to seek this process of work, devour this faith in small things, consume this trust in our present situations.

Saturn in Sagittarius [mutable fire]: Here the great solidification of wisdom lives through the sign of adventure. The quest for spirit and truth is hardened, is aged with time. The journeyman has grown old, and wise; but he is still traveling. He has not settled down in any old hut, he is enlivened with passion for life. The breath of spirit rolls from the great dragons tongue; and the ancient secret is whispered that none may hear. None but those who bear the same weight on their journey. None but those who hold their quest for fire deep within their hearts and let it burn all their days and nights as they wander the earth. When this blaze is tended with the care of elderly fingers, with wisdom from long ago, then the journey will illuminate in truth. The knowing is in the process, and the integrity is in the seeker.

Neptune in Pisces [mutable water] with the South Node: Here we are pulled back into a deep remembrance; a remembrance of source, soul, of the imaginal realms. A vast ocean opens up in your heart, and you are pulled out to sea, back to your soul’s homeland. What might this homeland look like? And can you feel how it is reflected, a million times, back and forth between mirrors of perception and into this present reality? The soul is in ecstasy; the soul is free. But maybe, there is something to release out to sea, as an offering to the goddess of this realm. Something that you have loved and cherished, something that is akin to your Soul, but something that is calling to be set free.

The above energy is being filled out momentarily by the Gemini Sun, Moon and Venus. We have the New Moon on Saturday May 4th 2016. Monday May 6th we have a cazimi Venus, which means Venus will receive the great wisdom of the solar source, at the peak of her underworld journey.

The last piece of this is the Gemini [mutable air]! A New Moon is a dark Moon, out of view from our earthly eyes. It is a portal unseen. A deeper portal, in the back of our minds. Along side this the spirit of Love, Venus, has been traveling deep into the underworld to her hidden roots. What is at the deepest core of love, our own love, our collective love. The sign Gemini speaks about dissemination of information; the spread of intellectual concepts; the understanding of duality and logic. But if we go deeper into the core of love within Gemini, we find the love of sharing, love of movement, the compassionate seeker. There is an opening here of possibility.

The other influences involved in the t-square are big influences concerned with faith and wisdom, merging and seeking truth, expansion and contraction; it all moves us to become bigger while reminding us where we are, so small in this world. We must remember the mutability. As Lynn Bell said at Norwac, we must remember why we wander – to see the world with different eyes. There is an opening to love. Yes, Gemini is such a youthful sign with much naïve ambivalence at times. But, we remember, Gemini’s esoteric ruler is Venus. Gemini’s ray is the ray of Love and Wisdom. This ray (Ray 2) is associated with the Sun and Jupiter; Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini. All of which are strong in this mutable grand cross. And so this weekend, an unseen portal is opened into love that can illuminate the road of wisdom.

I ask you to listen to your hearts, and be present to what they have to say. Because the Goddess will speak now, and this long road to truth may be opened in a new light.



Hero’s Test

The Sun has moved into Gemini today. This means we are now under the influence of the impending Full Moon and Mars’s initiation. It is a very serendipitous thing that these two events should occur at the very same degree at the same time. So on May 21st 2016, we will find the Moon and Mars at 1 degree of Sagittarius opposing the Sun at 1 degree Gemini.

Many of those interested in astrology are familiar with the Full Moon. It is a configuration that tends to dazzle our senses; even in our society where stargazing is lost on the majority of people, the Full Moon still speaks to many of us, still beckons an individual to stop, gaze in awe and appreciate what is happening at the present moment. The Moon has always been associated with time and time-keeping; it tends to aid in the proper timing of events with things “culminating at the full moon” and “beginning at the new moon.” And now we have this time-keeper syncing up with the initiation of the hero.

Mars is the hero, plain and simple. Yes, there are many psychological functions of Mars, namely, self-defense and aggression. Its true when Mars is retrograde, we may feel more short-tempered and frustrated with perceived obstacles. But I want see the mythic story behind these obstacles. So Mars is retrograde. And what this means astronomically, is the Earth is in-between Mars and the Sun. Because of this, Mars appears to us to slow down and reverse its journey across the sky. So to stargazer the question becomes why has the hero reversed their path?

Generally speaking, it is because of an obstacle. No self-respecting hero would turn around without good reason, unless that’s what you’re doing (wink). So something has come up in this journey. And I would like for you to take a moment to imagine your life as a heroic journey.

Who are you?

What is your mission?

[insert fantasy]

The next question that comes up is what is keeping you from this fantasy; what is the obstacle. Now of course, reality isn’t fantasy and usually its not a good idea to get the two confused. Our lives need not live up to our fantasies, but there are parallels. So:

In what way does your immediate life mirror your heroic fantasy?

We’re looking for any small strings of sympathy here. Any connections, specifically opportunities.

I want you to think of any opportunities that you’ve accepted or turned down recently. And just ask yourself why? And then ask yourself how this relates to your heroic journey. The big thing here is whether you are meeting your journey head on. Letting go of any purposes that aren’t true to your inner hero is a part of this as well as embracing the purpose that is of true heart.

So because the Hero has been retrograde, we’re all re-experiencing the purpose of our individual and collective journey of courage. For me it has felt like an internal hardening of the Will. Mars is very much associated with will and passion; unbridled they are deadly, but focused they become the force that creates conscious change. This is our test. Tomorrow, Mars opposes the Sun.

Retrograde planets have been associated with the underworld for a very long time (excuse my lack of references on this). Usually it is Venus and Mercury that are thought of this way because when they are retrograde they go combust, which means they are so close to the Sun that we can’t see them anymore. Because they are invisible, they are considered to be in the otherworld or the underworld. Underworld journeys are associated with initiation. Usually during personal initiations there is a painful journey down to the underworld and some part of us dies, but we are reborn stronger and wiser. However, Mars is not in the underworld when retrograde. Mars is blazing across the sky all night long. Mars is opposed the Sun and not conjunct. We learn something about Mars from this; his initiation is not deep and hidden and having to do with shamanic death. His initiation is about being a bright red star that burns all night, from the moment the Sun goes down to the moment the Sun comes up.

I feel strongly that this is a time to rise to the occasion. To your occasion. To your communities occasion. Someone once said, “all a Greek hero has to do in order to be considered a hero is to rise to their fate.” They don’t necessarily have to fight; they don’t have to even win. They just have to be open to the story that Deity has written.

How can you open your life to your larger story?

When Mars is initiated, he is opposed the Sun. You could also say, when the hero is initiated, he is opposed the source of all life in the Galaxy. But he is not hidden, he is not inside or in the underworld. He is far away from his Source, far away from his home, hes tired, facing the greatest test, maybe the entire purpose of his journey sits in front of him. All the people who he loves are waiting for him back at the root of his journey. But he is here now, and the hearts of all he loves are illuminating him from below. He remembers, in fact he sees now more clearly than ever, the true value of his home. Yet, he is here for a reason. Either to defend what it is he loves or to bring something back of vital importance to that great Source of spirit.

I want to end with some brief horoscopes:

Aries & Aries Rising:

This heroic cycle bears the test of the journey for truth. Seeking far away knowledge to bring back to the home of mind. Expanding the horizons of experience through travel, teachers, and organized spirituality will bring your own inner mind a sense of ease.

Taurus & Taurus Rising:

The heroic purpose of journeying into the heart of something outside yourself. Seeking to merge with another. Bring the resources found in the depth of another back to your own sense of self. See what the reaction is; deep merging with something outside of what you call your own will reveal the value of what you do call your own.

Gemini & Gemini Rising:

The heroic purpose of rising to the outside world. Facing the projected image of self and facing the reality of what really isn’t self. Reaching out to other people; engaging with the outside world, engaging with a partner through heroic purpose will give your own outlook on life something special.

Cancer & Cancer Rising:

The heroic purpose found in everyday experience. Seek health in an integrative way; health being the daily experience of life; the heroic journey to engage in this process of true vitality is active now. This vitality in engaging with the necessity of everyday life will give something to your deep inner world.

Leo & Leo Rising:

The heroic purpose of self-expression. Seek the divine emanation of self through creative outlets. This expression of being, if it be pure of heart, will bring your community much joy.

Virgo & Virgo Rising:

The heroic experience of the journey home. Seek the deep inner purpose; connection to roots and family. The hero who seeks the inner truth will bring something back through their role in society. This exploration of the past, will bring your public work a new direction.

Libra & Libra Rising:

The heroic journey to a truthful tongue. Seek the truth in your mind, your personal altar, the house of the Moon Goddess. The journey to a personal truth is something to share with a larger community. The hero who has found honesty will shed light on the loftiest ideas.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising:

The heroic experience of possession. Seeking the true possessions; how does one own truly? What is there inside yourself, that is of true value? The hero’s journey to find this possession of personal gold will bring merging (Love) with something outside of yourself.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising:

The heroic pursuit of life itself! Seek whatever it is you believe needs to be sought, Sagittarius. The hero is pursuing the dawn of consciousness; what is the true meaning of the Sagittarius spirit? Adventure, truth, heart, will, optimism, these are all key words, but I would encourage you to do some reading and think about what it means to you to be Sagittarius. Seek your true expression; your highest consciousness. This will bring your relationships what they need to survive and it will bring opportunities.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising:

The cultivation of the inner hero. The spiritual awareness of the Sagittarius principals; and the heroic pursuit of remembrance of freedom and truth. Seek this inner, spiritual awareness, and your rhythm in daily life (health,vitality) will receive its blessing.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising:

The heroic pursuit of community. Seek the cultures of community; seek to be the embodiment of group ideals. Seek contribution and identification with the group to better understand your own self-expression. The hero who fights alongside her friends and her community will find something of importance to creatively express.

Pisces & Pisces Rising:

The heroic pursuit of societal purpose. Seek the higher contribution, seek the truer role. Where are you meant to be, what are you meant to be doing? Align with that upper world modality of higher purpose to bring back that knowledge to the deep inner self. That deep inner self will be nourished by the rekindling of higher purpose. It may even be a blazing fire. Idealism is strong, devotion is stronger.

This Pisces horoscope reminds me of the strength of the 6th ray in the stars right now. Devotion, Idealism, Fanaticism. Use them wisely and with love. We can align with a real strength of purpose right now.

I want to thank some of my recent teachers for passing on their knowledge and inspiring me: Joseph Crane, Donna Woodwell, Daniel Giamario, Adam Gainsburg, Mykol Radziszewski, Melissa Rosenburger.

If you would like me to send you a podcast I did for these events, please send me an e-mail at



This painting is a re-do of a William Blake painting (not by me).

Emergence from the Well

Hello seekers,

This blog was started under the dark beams of an exact new moon on May 6 2016. My name is June Rose Trimbach. I’m a seeker, myth-maker, astrologer, receiver of inspiration, and when at my best a conduit for love. So in an effort to introduce myself, here is my natal chart inside the chart of the New Moon under which this blog was founded.



So you will notice my chart ruler is Mercury and holds the energy of this blog. I tend to perceive a lot and hold it in, trying to integrate the important parts of everything I experience. There’s the opposition to a Neptune/Uranus conjunction which may explain my interest in channeling. I love psychic work, divination, shamanic journeying, all of these are incredibly nourishing for me and will have their place here. Mercury is also out of bounds, which I take to mean resisting mental limitation as much as possible. Mercury is in the face of the walled garden. The mind is in its own world and walled in a sacred garden. Let that be invoked here. There’s a practice that I do, where I map out my inner shamanic world on paper. Maybe I will share it with you one day. In any case, I pray that this web domain will act as a garden of mental nourishment, where compassionate wisdom can be drawn and incorporated.

As you can see this New Moon is sextile natal Mercury from the 9th house indicating that this will be a place for higher knowledge and the great spirit. There’s a grand earth trine with Jupiter and Pluto, indicating a place for growth and transformation. The Pluto/Mercury oppositions in water and earth signs, again echo the water of wisdom being pulled from the earth. My natal Saturn in Pisces is also contributing to this mystical walled place; I hope to explore the structure of the great labyrinth to bring back wisdom to this walled garden.

The name of this blog came to me in a vision. My own power being located at the bottom of an ivy covered well, guarded by a hooded figure. The wisdom of Saturn and the wisdom of the spiraling Ivy are welcomed here. Let the guardian rose spirit also hold this sacred space.

I pray that you drink and are nourished in good ways by what you find here.

June Rose

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