Leo/Aquarius Eclipse Season Jan-Feb 2018

Let’s talk about the upcoming eclipses this January and February 2018 which play out on the Leo/Aquarius axis. Eclipses are a union of the Earth, Moon and Sun; physical, internal and spiritual realities come together. Eclipses are gateways; they can catalyze growth and awareness but they also serve to release that which no longer serves; they unite the levels of existence, in a shockingly eerie display.

The axis of Leo and Aquarius is also the axis of the Sun, – as ruler of Leo- and Saturn -as the ruler of Aquarius. The Sun is the source of life, the great heart, the center of our solar system, and the center of community; it is the solar king or queen who bestows life to their people. Yet the sun is also a king in any sense including those tyrannical or lawless. Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius is the hermit, the ruler of intellectual law, the one who guards the in-between places, the outsider including those destitute and intellectually elite. Saturn’s rule of Aquarius refers to socio-political laws, and those who have been exiled from the kingdom.


The King and the Hermit from the Plantagenet dynasty.


However, the Sun finds itself in Aquarius this eclipse season. Symbolically, the king finds him/herself exiled, cast out to wander amongst the wastelands. Beholden to the laws of exile, and far from the warm grace of the court, this king is faced with the cold hard reality of isolation. Throughout this eclipse season, the Sun is with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius creating a portal of mist into the truth of our desires regarding the themes of social politic and exile. While the nodes bring visual obscuration, the force of eclipses also bring revelations. It is through opening up to obscurity within ourselves that we gain the possibility of understanding the mystery. Traditionally the south node has been associated with loss, and release, also a kind of snake shedding of desires. Will we see the king shed their former desires for worldly power and seek the deeper truths of life that exile can reveal?

The first eclipse on January 31 is a total lunar eclipse or an eclipsed full moon. We will see the Moon in Leo obscured by the ravenous head of the devouring dragon. The Moon usually represents the more personal aspects of self and community; the families, mothers and common folk. In Leo, we see them as the heart of the community, gathered around the hearth fire, sharing stories and food, boasting and performing. The emotional recognition shared can bring bonds of loyalty and comradery. The leaders of the community step forward to lead the people. As these common leaders and common folk are eclipsed and obscured the true desires of these folk can be revealed.

We ask ourselves the questions: in what way have we desired recognition and for what purpose; if the grasping hands of hunger have consumed us, where can we turn; how can we contribute in natural accordance with our community and spiritual law; how can we share the light of the hearth fire from within us? The nature of leadership is questioned, obscured in darkness, we are tested to emerge with our leadership or withdraw from the world, and perhaps while the king is exiled something important emerges within the common folk.

Detail from Bonfire Celebrating Midsummer Night by Nikolai Astrup

This Leo eclipse is conjoined with Ceres, a dwarf planet also named for Demeter or the Earth Mother. It is through her scythe that we harvest the substance of the Earth to keep ourselves nourished. And it is through her grief that we experience the loss and hardship of winter. Yet she is in the sign of Leo and conjoined the Moon bringing the wheat to the community bonfire with which the people will brew beer and be merry. Unless they are faced with the more devouring aspects of the dragon, in which it may become a time to confront grief. Psychologically speaking, the leonine parts of ourselves that wish to share recognition and creativity may come to terms with their grief if they have not shared the camaraderie they so desire. Yet there is a deeper piece about the illusion of desire, that we are whole unto ourselves and all we need to do is express that part of ourselves, naturally as we are, and joy will follow; we do not need the power to command others’ attention, only the power to express our true nature, which we all inherently have.

This first eclipse shows the exiled Sun/king in the bounds of Venus bringing tenderness and compassion to the experience of the outsider; and Venus is close by to the Sun/king offering the graces of unusual pleasures, relationships with unlikely and unlucky folk, and unique beauty. We are called to find joy and love in that which is different, unique or unlike us. Even that which has been kept in isolation or exile deserves love.

Postmen of the Wilderness by Arthur Hemming

The second eclipse on February 15th is a partial solar eclipse, also a new moon. This time it’s the exiled Sun who will be eclipsed by the Moon; perhaps while the king is away, the common people will decide to come find him. This may be close to the weakest the Sun can ever be, exiled and eclipsed. This eclipse is ruled by Saturn through domicile and terms; Saturn is in the twelfth place from Aquarius bringing up themes of imprisonment and further exile. Symbolically, this is the loss of the Sun, all that is fiery and warm, and the enduring of Saturn, all that is hard and cold, yet wise.  The Sun also meets with Mercury during this eclipse, the wandering hermit who is in his element in Aquarius. This hermit, a wily trickster, can teach the king about the nature of reality through the mystical arts, if the king can see through his tricks. He may also have a thing or two to say about economic structures, socio-political issues, and the exclusion and abuse of certain folks in society. All of this points to the potential of a deep shedding around these issues; it can be described as ego-loss, and the acceptance of difficult realities.

See the source image
The Hermit card from the Morgan-Geer Tarot Deck.

Mythically, we can understand this story on a personal level. The Sun/king represents our sovereign heart that pushes the blood through our body; it is our source flame flickering steadily. When we do not receive the warmth from those around us, when our light is not reflected back at us by those we love, we are in exile. Yet in exile, we must learn that all we need to sustain us is the heart at our center. We must open our eyes to the harsh wisdom this experience brings. The first eclipse may show us more about that sacred flame, while the second will test our ability to keep it lit in harsh conditions. Additionally, the second eclipse happens just a day and half before the Mercury cazimi; meaning this hermit will be bathed in the light of the Sun/king; their union creating a portal to great knowledge.



Read for your Ascendant, Sun or Moon

Each sign has a horoscope for the lunar eclipse on January 31st, and the solar eclipse on February 15th


The first lunar eclipse is occurring in your 5th house of creativity, art, love, children and expression. The question of how you creatively actualize your life is up right now. Commit your heart to the creative process; your vital life force is what keeps you strong. Remember the divine spark of who you are. Nurture any grief that is held around your creative process; creativity is inherent within even if you all do is “be.”

The second solar eclipse is occurring in your 11th house of social groups, community, and benefactors. Evaluate the social structures you’re a part of and what role you play, consider the impact of these communities, release connections with communities that don’t serve. If you feel in exile, remember the inherent wisdom within. If you are inspired by your community, be present to the changing social structure and be there to guide it with your integrity.



The first lunar eclipse is occurring in your 4th house of family, home, roots and ancestry. The question of your familial role is up right now. Commit your heart to your inner integrity, and upholding the good, true parts of your lineage. The sacred flame is in your home. Nurture any grief that is held within your family; work to create a home that is nurturing and sustaining.

The second solar eclipse is occurring in your 10th house of career and public image. Evaluate the social structures you uphold through your career and public image, consider the impact of your image on society. There may be an opportunity to change your image in some way or release an old role you used to play. If you feel you play the role of an exiled person, remember the wisdom and perspective inherent in that role. If you are inspired by your career, consider what you can do to uphold integrity in your work.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 3rd house of local trips, familiar people, social media, and personal habits. The question of how you communicate to those in your daily life is up right now, this includes conversation with spirit if you have a daily prayer practice. Commit your heart to your local community and expressing the truth of yourself to these people. Nurture any grief you have around communication with these folks or spirits; and nurture your community. You have what you need.

The second solar eclipse is happening your 9th house of higher education, law, and spiritual truth. Consider those educational, scholarly and spiritual communities you are a part of and the way you seek higher truths. There may be a way to release rigid, old belief structures. Consider the way these structures impact your mind and the minds of the greater community. Consider what you can do to uphold integrity in your spiritual and scholarly communities. If you feel exiled, remember your own spiritual/scholarly flame.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 2nd house of finances and personal resources. The question of how you value yourself and your money is at play. Commit your heart to valuing yourself and discover your own heart as a resource! Nurture any grief you may have around self-worth; you are a brilliant flame! Consider how your self-worth is tied to personal finances; and what it would take for you to be truly fulfilled. Desire to acquire more finances may be an illusion preventing you from seeing all that you are; you have what you need.

The second solar eclipse is happening in your 8th house of shared resources, and shared worth. Consider those tightly bonded relationships where emotions, finances, and other things are shared between you. Consider if there is rigidity in these relationships and if something can be released from your sphere or from the two of you. If you feel exiled from or in your relationships, look for insight and wisdom from the hermit. Remember your sacred flame and the strength of your inherent worth. Consider what you can do to uphold integrity in your shared relationships.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 1st house of self and body! The question of you, your identity and self-expression is up right now. Who are you and what do you want to grow into in this world? How can you lead with right action and an open heart? Commit yourself to your radiant heart, and embodying your inner light. Consider what it means to be a solar person and what leadership means to you. Nurture any grief you have around self-expression and embodiment; the great mother is embracing your sign; remember your shining self. The desire to become better is an illusion that masks your inherent worth; you are enough.

The second solar eclipse is happening in your 7th house of partnership, enemies and “the other.” Consider how you relate to others, the outside world and those you are in partnership with. As a Leo, you are connected with the heart of any community and have an ability to recognize outsiders. Consider the way you interact with those different from you, who are elites or exiles. Consider the illusions inherent in your perceptions of these people, and remember your compassionate heart is a strong compass to navigating these relationships. Consider what it takes to maintain integrity when interacting with others and in partnerships.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 12th house of secrets, sabotage and solitude. The life of your inner, secret self is being highlighted right now. Remember what is means to have inner courage, even if the world can not see it. Your experience of leadership may depend on your ability to cultivate your inner confidence. Some of these experiences may be on a subconscious level or they may be informed by childhood fears. Ceres can offer a deep nourishment to these fears if you’re willing to grieve for yourself.  Find the vitality in your hidden self and nurture the heart; there is much to be gained from a deeply cultivated hidden realm.

The second solar eclipse is happening in your 6th house of health, work and routine. Consider the structures that inform your daily life, work, habits, and how they might be released or re-worked at this time. Consider what you could do to release habits that detract from your inner vitality; and instead reinforce structures that support your inner vitality. In your work if you feel exiled, remember that sacred secret flame that you cultivated. Think of ways to share this flame through your daily work with integrity and wisdom. And consider reinforcing social structures that support your daily work and health.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 11th house of social groups, community and benefactors. Your social world is in question; why don’t you spend some time at the heart of your community and commune by the bonfire. Sharing and receiving love with the outer world is important; sharing camaraderie with your fellow humans is the magic of the hour. Tend this sacred flame, for now it is vital. Nurture any grief that comes up around community; your fellow humans may have something tender to offer.

The second solar eclipse in Aquarius is happening your 5th house of creativity, art, love, children and self-expression. This is the area where you creatively actualize your potential. Consider the structures you create that allow you to generate substance, whether it’s art, writing, ideas, or anything else. Consider the ways these structures could be outdated, or if your personal expression has become too rigid. Perhaps there is a new way you can actualize your potential and find release in your “art,” however you may express yourself. Consider the ways in which you are inspired by your community to create and the ways you can express yourself with integrity. Even if you feel exiled by the way you express yourself, as long as you act with integrity, the product that you create will be resilient.



The first lunar eclipse is happening your 10th house of career, recognition and public image. The sacred flame of Leo shines in this realm. Consider the ways you can grow in your career through nurturing your work. If you have planets in Leo, you may be a natural leader; remember to lead with your heart and with your courage. If there is grief around your public image, call on Ceres to guide you and nurture you. If your desire for public recognition consumes you, remember to find work that brings happiness in the doing of it rather than in the reward. Find a role that calls your heart to commit.

The second solar eclipse is happening your 4th house of family, home, roots and ancestry. Consider the structures that you have created to support yourself and your family. Consider if they have become outdated or too rigid; there may be an opportunity to release that which does not serve your home. If you feel exiled from your family, remember the light that shines when you are doing your work. There is wisdom too in resilience; the outsider carries this.


The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 9th house of higher education, law and spiritual truth. The sacred flame of Leo shines in this realm of Spirit. Take yourself to the temple whether it be scholarly or mystical and sit by the flame. Nurture yourself with this wisdom whether the woods is your temple, or a church or a library. If you are grieved by your experience of this realm, take care. The connection to spirit is open to all. The desire to know all is released by the realization that wisdom is inherent within.

The second solar eclipse is happening in your 3rd house of local community, social media, and personal habits including those spiritual. Consider the structures you have built around your local community and daily contacts. Consider if there are those structures/routines that do not serve your highest good. There is an opportunity to release some of these patterns into the eclipse. If you feel exiled from your close friends, remember the wisdom inherent in solitude. Perhaps turn to the spirits for support, and remember the sacred flame of the temple in your difficult times.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 8th house of shared resources, shared worth and fear. Return to the sacred flame of partnership, with those people whom you share emotions, finances or a deep connection. If there is grief or fear around this connection, call on Ceres for help. Sharing time around the hearth fire with those close to you is vital now. Desire to consume the worth of another is turned around by the wisdom that true worth is in the sharing; imbalances in power can be corrected with this in mind.

The second solar eclipse is happening in your 2nd house of personal resources, money and self-worth. Consider the structures you have built to sustain yourself. Consider if they may be outdated or if something could be released from them to lighten your load. If the structures are serving you well, consider the ways you can maintain them with integrity, so that they do no harm to the greater community. If you feel you have no support financially, consider the wisdom of the hermit. Through the struggle of the outsider, resiliency, strength and perspective is found.



The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 7th house of partnership, projection and “the other.” Sit at the bonfire of partnership; take in the light and warmth of another; there is much to be gained by opening up your perspective in the presence of another. Bask in this energy of camaraderie; two souls sharing wisdom and insight. If there is grief for you around partnership, ask Ceres to hold you at this time. Take care that your desire to connect does not obscure the light of the person you wish to connect with; remembering to take in the light can help, you can be changed by this.

The second solar eclipse is happening your first house of self and body! As an Aquarius you may relate to the themes of community and outsider; this is a time for you to explore these themes. What kind of perspective do you hold; communal or outsider or both? What has your experience in life been like regarding these themes, and what have you as an individual learned? Consider the social structures that you have been privy to, and what kind of community you want to be a part of. Take some time to vision with these themes. Consider yourself as neither exiled nor communal, but someone in touch with a global humanity; what kinds of actions and embodiments would you take as a citizen of the world. There is some deep wisdom coming your way. Remember to embody your integrity and listen for when your unique perspective matters.



The first lunar eclipse is happening your 6th house of health, work and daily routine. Consider what is at the heart of your routine; what it centers around. Sit with your personal vitality, pay attention to your heart and your equilibrium. If you find your vitality is low, consider trying to increase it. If you find grief in your body, nurture yourself. Create a daily routine that is meaningful and inspiring. Learn to express your vitality through work; share your heart with what you do.

The second solar eclipse is happening in your 12 house of secrets, stealth and sorrow. Consider the inner workings of your mind, the secret place you draw off to when no one is around and your subconscious mind. There may be structures and routines in place here that aren’t readily apparent. Deepening into this place, it may be possible to release some of these old structures and tracks of mind that no longer serve you. Remember your sacred work. It may be important for you to spend time alone and gain some strength during this period.


Thank you for reading,

June Rose





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