Grief of Venus

1427638_origAs I sit here on June 6th 2016, under the beams of a cazimi Venus, I cannot help but notice the grief within my heart. My teachers have taught me within the last week, that the heart, when resting, has a magnetic field of 3 feet. It’s something like 100 times that of the brain. What better time than a cazimi Venus than to listen the strength of the heart.

I can’t help but think of how strongly Venus has been cherished by the human race. Her star is the bright star. For those of you who don’t know what a cazimi Venus is, its when Venus makes a conjunction with the Sun, but it is only considered when at its tightest peak of conjunction. This happens as Venus is transitioning from being seen as morning star to evening star.

Morning star Venus is a warrior maiden, she is bold, self-serving, powerful and independent. There are many pitfalls here. For instance: believing independence to be stronger than partnership, being self-focused to a fault, etc. Of course there are strengths to a warrior Venus, but something happens to her when she conjuncts the Sun. She disappears from our view and enters the otherworld or the underworld. In facts shes been in the otherworld for a few weeks now, but today is the day that she finds what she came there for.

Why might a warrior maiden enter the underworld? Why might an independent, courageous, strong woman disappear from view and go into the spirit world. What will she find; what is she finding right now? It may be easier to answer this question if we look at what evening star Venus represents. She is generally seen as cooler in temperature, empathetic, and compassionate; she brings culture back to the world.

Venus is the Spirit of love. And I do believe that independence and self-reliance can come from a place of love. Morning star Venus is also a Venus that fights for what she believes. This hardness is beautiful. But still, there is something to be revealed about the nature of love. She stands on a threshold between the heat of passion and the coolness of compassion. What is there to be cherished in both? What of the warrior maiden can be left behind in the spirit world, and what is to be taken and incorporated into the cooler knowing that is the evening star.

I find within myself much grief on this day. She is in the underworld after all, and there is a part of her that will not return back to this world. If we are conscious about what we choose to leave here (what aspect of love that no longer serves us, or something that has hindered our expression of love), we can return fuller beings illumined with the light of the Sun. There may be a need to grieve this loss. Something may be illuminated now that you didn’t know was altering your experience of love. It may be a bit of a surprising reveal. But we can let go; and we can find nourishment.

I also notice that Pluto is in exact quincunx with this cazimi point; and I see the desire for power bound up with Pluto in Capricorn giving way to the power of Venus – connection through sharing. Perhaps if we accept Venus in Gemini’s teachings, that true communication happens through the heart, we will find that power after all. Perhaps within ourselves, perhaps within the experience of love itself. Quincunx teaches acceptance; Venus teaches acceptance, Steven Forrest teaches a connection between Venus and the quincunx aspect. Perhaps the warrior maiden is now seeing that true love is the only true power.



One thought on “Grief of Venus

  1. I love how you wrote the article about Venus and Its phases, sir/ma’am! πŸ˜šπŸ‘. It’s short and simple but beautifully written and very understandable! πŸ˜—πŸ‘. You mentioned that the conjunctions are a transition of Venus moving from one phase to another (in this case, Superior Conjunction is a transition of Venus moving from Its morning phase to evening phase) πŸŒ‡—->πŸŒ†. I’m a Sagittarius Sun at 6Β°16′ degrees πŸŒžβ™ and my Venus was at 6Β°23′ degrees in Scorpio ♀️♏ when I was born, making me a Morning Star Venus babe! I believe I’m in tune with the warrior god/goddess (in some civilizations, Venus was seen as a male god) in the sense that being independent is more of my priority than being in an intimate relationship (true!), being self-focused than caring too much what other people think of me (also true! I see this trait as quite positive, to be honest, as loving myself as much as loving others makes me very comfortable in my skin πŸ˜‰. Healthy self-confidence is sexy!), being able to express my feelings and emotions honestly with pride (not ashamed with being emotionally expressive myself), forming new relationships (especially friendships) but often times, I have issues with maintaining old and new friends, because I love my freedom and independence too much to stick to just certain sets of friends at all, being free from the past (sure, there were parts of me that made me very uncomfortable in the past) and more. It will be too long for you. I wonder how the family dynamics is like if one person is the only one that has certain Venus phase? For example, I’m the only person in my immediate family that has Morning Star Venus phase. My parents and younger siblings (younger brother and younger sister) all have Evening Star Venus. Thank you! 😊.


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